Top Casino Hotels

As mentioned before, there is no straightforward answer to “which casino hotel is the best?”. However, when you account for all factors, these are the top three that we have found to satisfy the highest number of customers.

We understand that when you’re staying at a Casino Hotel, of course, the casino is vital. But there isn’t much point in having an amazing casino if the rest of the hotel isn’t up to the same standard.

These three hotels are the ones with the perfect balance of everything you would expect if you were ever to visit a casino hotel.

Wynn Macau

Our first entry is none other than Wynn Macau. Because of this hotel’s location, when you visit it, you’ll get a view of the waterfront that will blow your mind away. And it’s enormous size means that as you approach, your jaw will drop to the ground.

In the casino, you’ll find an incredible 100 SQ FT of gaming space. And all of that space means there’s plenty of room for you to be able to find something you like. With 500 tables and 840 slot machines, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing to win or just playing for fun, you’ll be able to find something you love.

When it comes to dining, you can forget about street food, and deep-fried everything. The food here is nothing less than a full-on gourmet experience. Everything from the flavours to the décor, to the service, will make you feel like royalty.

And if you like to get yourself pampered, this hotel comes with a world-class spa. So you can allow a professional to use their magic to make you feel relaxed and happy.

Unlike many other hotels, you’ll never see flashy PR for the Wynn Macau. New customers usually come about through word of mouth.

Caesars Palace

It wouldn’t be right to write about casino hotels without mentioning the one that everyone knows—Caesar’s palace. You might have seen this hotel in the movies, and maybe even a documentary. But going inside, and staying for a night or two is a whole different experience.

This hotel opened nearly 50 years ago. But despite being less than a century old, it’s already managed to establish itself as a symbol of luxury.

Within the casino, they have 166,00 SQ FT of gaming space. Walking into Caesar’s palace will make you feel like you’re either James Bond or some kind of member of the royal family. Whether you want to take your chances on the roulette wheel or show off your poker face, there is no better place to do it in Vegas than Caesar’s palace.

The style of this entire hotel and casino is based on the architecture that you would find in ancient Rome. This was a period of history when class was taken very seriously, and the emperors would demand to have only the finer things in life.

This casino gives you modern luxury with classic sophistication.

Even when you visit the spa, you’ll be able to relax in a roman bath, surrounded by stunning mosaics.

And for food, there’s no shortage of options with our restaurants and cafes.

Sun City Casino Resort

Have you ever felt the desire to get away from civilization? But at the same time, feel the need to be surrounded by luxury?

Thanks to Sun City Casino Resort, you don’t have to choose between living it up or getting away from it all.

This incredible hotel is located in the middle of the bush. They are allowing you to be surrounded by the lush South African nature.

This hotel has an inspirational history. This was never supposed to be where a luxury casino was built. But the story starts during Apartheid.

This place was designated for black people only, and the laws did not apply here. This made it a hub for the gambling industry. Since then, it’s been able to grow to the most prosperous casino hotel in the country.

In the casino, there are 850 slot machines and 40 tables. So whether you’re into Punto, BlackJack, Roulette, Poker, or almost any other game you can think of, there will be something here that you can fall in love with.

But it’s not just the casino that makes this place stand out, if you want to get in touch with nature, you can have the chance of going on a safari to see the animals of South Africa.